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Susan is professional, responsive and honest. Those are the three most important traits for a broker to have.
To me, the three most important traits in a real estate broker are professionalism, responsiveness, and honesty. In my opinion, these are Susan’s three best qualities. She is far and away the best agent I’ve ever met in terms of these attributes, and she’s a real pleasure to work with. I’d recommend her without hesitation. She’s incredibly knowledgeable about the Chelsea area and the buildings within the neighborhood.
Henry G.
Extremely pleasant, comfortable and successful experience.
My experience working with Susan was extremely pleasant and comfortable. Susan took the time to understand what I was looking for in an apartment and helped me find just the right one. Susan was thoughtful, patient, extremely professional and always responsive. She was able to facilitate and expedite the process so that both the seller and I were very pleased with the timetable. I believe that Susan is a strong negotiator who worked diligently to ensure that both parties moved smoothly towards an agreement and ultimately a contract. I can say for certain that I will turn to Susan again when I am in need of a real estate agent and I highly recommend her to all.
Mary G.
The "Queen of London Terrace," has orchestrated two purchases and a sale for me over the last eight years. Given that back in 2013 I was undertaking my first property purchase in the USA and knew nothing about Co-Ops, I needed extra special handling. Susan was patience incarnate. She's incredibly loyal and thoughtful and always maintains great communication. A thoroughly decent person, Susan's exactly who you need on your side in the crazy world of NYC property.
Sara K
Susan Singer was our real estate broker during the recent sale of our co-op in New York. Her work was exemplary. She got the sale and the closing done rapidly. She also quickly and efficiently surmounted the many obstacles that occurred during the period between the signing of the sales contract and the closing. All this was done while we were located outside of New York City. I highly recommend her and would use her again should the opportunity present itself.
Robert S
Susan is always a step ahead. Very pro-active.
I’ve bought and sold with Susan now, and I’ve never been as comfortable with another agent as I am with her. She’s very pro-active, is always a step ahead, but she keeps me well-informed with the whole process, so there are never any surprises. I highly recommend her. In selling my apartment, I think Susan priced the property perfectly, and her negotiating skills were remarkable. On the buying end, she took care of me while still representing her seller, and I really have the utmost respect for her because of that. Whether purchasing or selling, working with Susan is a wonderful experience.
Chris J.
I recommend her strongly. Susan is an advisor, an advocate, someone you can trust. I've had the most extraordinary circumstances that she has helped me navigate. She's committed to the long term relationship and is relentless in the pursuit of solutions that work(ed) for me. I would never venture into a real estate endeavor without her.
Morgan Shorey
Susan is very professional, highly detail oriented and very easy to work with. She is a straight shooter and extremely honest with her clients, wanting the best for them. I can highly recommend her to anyone seeking a truly professional Realtor.
Anuurag B.
Susan’s guidance, support and responsiveness made all the difference.
For a number of years we thought about living in New York City but quite frankly, the entire process overwhelmed us. This past May, we met Susan and the journey towards owning an apartment began. Susan’s help, guidance and support in our quest to become NYC apartment owners were immeasurable. She was by our side, step-by-step, providing valuable information about the market, community, co-op living, etc.
Michelle S.
Susan is very professional and has tremendous experience in the Manhattan real estate market. Her expertise was a huge asset in our sale since I was handling the sale of a very unique older penthouse from long distance. Without my need to fly to New York, she handled staging,marketing and showings. Highly recommended
Hal Shapiro
Susan provides the utmost level of service to her customers. When I sought to rent out my apartment, Susan took a commanding lead on the process, organizing the marketing, board approval process, document drafting, and numerous other details that I didn’t have to worry about. She has a keen sense of the market – my apartment was in contract the day after it was listed – and a confidence that I found reassuring throughout the process. Susan’s experience and knowledge at London Terrace are unparalleled. There is no doubt that I work with Susan again.
Marc S.
Susan was our broker for the sale of our co-op in New York. Our sale was a breeze thanks to Susan. When we sat down with her the first time, she came prepared with comps, and after viewing the apartment, she set the initial price that was just right. She was able to find buyers who truly loved our apartment, and we sold the apartment very quickly with no drama. Great communication and really accommodating. Having said that, what sets her truly apart from other brokers is her decades of experience imo (e.g. setting the right price, understanding the market and target audience). Highly recommended.
Y Nam
Susan didn’t just find me an apartment, she found me my home. Buying and selling in this city can be frustrating and, let’s face it, plain awful. But Susan was always there with her sage advice, reassuring words, and to tell me to “breathe.” Her support was needed and much appreciated. And in the end, I didn’t just find a home, I gained a friend.
Vicki Jacobson

The Line: May Inflation Higher Than Expected

                                                                          Good Morning
The rise in inflation is the main course today, along with a side order of workers returning to their Manhattan offices.

The Consumer Price Index was 5% higher in May than the year before, the largest 12-month increase in almost 13 years. While last year’s figure was certainly negatively impacted by COVID-19, this increase is still higher than expected. If we look just at the monthly increases, May CPI was 0.6% higher than April, which was 0.8% higher than March, which was 0.6% higher than February. The last time we saw three monthly increases that large was over a decade ago.

If we look at just core inflation, which excludes energy and food prices, the 3.8% increase from a year ago is the largest in almost 30 years. Scared yet?

Last Friday, I said that the one good thing about less-than-expected job growth is that it might keep the Fed from making policy changes for a while longer. But this data, along with the unprecedented increase in the money supply over the past year, should have them preparing to tighten. The Federal Open Market Committee meets next week, and the Fed has been dropping hints it is ready to move when needed. In my opinion, that time should be very soon.

Inflation is surging right now; the only question is how long it will last.

I’ll pause for a moment while you hear the theme from “Welcome Back, Kotter” in your head.

A new survey from the Partnership for New York City found that 62% of Manhattan’s one million office workers will be back in their offices—most following a hybrid model—by September. This is great news for the city’s economy, which desperately needs the economic activity and taxes these workers generate. As of late May, just 12% of workers had returned to their offices.

Here are some of the survey’s key findings:

  • 71% of companies will use a hybrid work model, while 25% will be full-time in office, and 4% will not require workers to return.
  • 84% of respondents said employee concerns about mass transit safety remain an obstacle to returning to the office.
  • The real estate industry has returned 70% of its workers to their offices, the most of any industry. Financial services is in second place at just 14%.
  • So far, large employers have been bringing workers back at a slower pace than smaller ones.
  • 72% of employers surveyed said they would not require returning employees to be vaccinated.

Have a great weekend.

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