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Susan is professional, responsive and honest. Those are the three most important traits for a broker to have.
To me, the three most important traits in a real estate broker are professionalism, responsiveness, and honesty. In my opinion, these are Susan’s three best qualities. She is far and away the best agent I’ve ever met in terms of these attributes, and she’s a real pleasure to work with. I’d recommend her without hesitation. She’s incredibly knowledgeable about the Chelsea area and the buildings within the neighborhood.
Henry G.
Extremely pleasant, comfortable and successful experience.
My experience working with Susan was extremely pleasant and comfortable. Susan took the time to understand what I was looking for in an apartment and helped me find just the right one. Susan was thoughtful, patient, extremely professional and always responsive. She was able to facilitate and expedite the process so that both the seller and I were very pleased with the timetable. I believe that Susan is a strong negotiator who worked diligently to ensure that both parties moved smoothly towards an agreement and ultimately a contract. I can say for certain that I will turn to Susan again when I am in need of a real estate agent and I highly recommend her to all.
Mary G.
The "Queen of London Terrace," has orchestrated two purchases and a sale for me over the last eight years. Given that back in 2013 I was undertaking my first property purchase in the USA and knew nothing about Co-Ops, I needed extra special handling. Susan was patience incarnate. She's incredibly loyal and thoughtful and always maintains great communication. A thoroughly decent person, Susan's exactly who you need on your side in the crazy world of NYC property.
Sara K
Susan Singer was our real estate broker during the recent sale of our co-op in New York. Her work was exemplary. She got the sale and the closing done rapidly. She also quickly and efficiently surmounted the many obstacles that occurred during the period between the signing of the sales contract and the closing. All this was done while we were located outside of New York City. I highly recommend her and would use her again should the opportunity present itself.
Robert S
Susan is always a step ahead. Very pro-active.
I’ve bought and sold with Susan now, and I’ve never been as comfortable with another agent as I am with her. She’s very pro-active, is always a step ahead, but she keeps me well-informed with the whole process, so there are never any surprises. I highly recommend her. In selling my apartment, I think Susan priced the property perfectly, and her negotiating skills were remarkable. On the buying end, she took care of me while still representing her seller, and I really have the utmost respect for her because of that. Whether purchasing or selling, working with Susan is a wonderful experience.
Chris J.
I recommend her strongly. Susan is an advisor, an advocate, someone you can trust. I've had the most extraordinary circumstances that she has helped me navigate. She's committed to the long term relationship and is relentless in the pursuit of solutions that work(ed) for me. I would never venture into a real estate endeavor without her.
Morgan Shorey
Susan is very professional, highly detail oriented and very easy to work with. She is a straight shooter and extremely honest with her clients, wanting the best for them. I can highly recommend her to anyone seeking a truly professional Realtor.
Anuurag B.
Susan’s guidance, support and responsiveness made all the difference.
For a number of years we thought about living in New York City but quite frankly, the entire process overwhelmed us. This past May, we met Susan and the journey towards owning an apartment began. Susan’s help, guidance and support in our quest to become NYC apartment owners were immeasurable. She was by our side, step-by-step, providing valuable information about the market, community, co-op living, etc.
Michelle S.
Susan is very professional and has tremendous experience in the Manhattan real estate market. Her expertise was a huge asset in our sale since I was handling the sale of a very unique older penthouse from long distance. Without my need to fly to New York, she handled staging,marketing and showings. Highly recommended
Hal Shapiro
Susan provides the utmost level of service to her customers. When I sought to rent out my apartment, Susan took a commanding lead on the process, organizing the marketing, board approval process, document drafting, and numerous other details that I didn’t have to worry about. She has a keen sense of the market – my apartment was in contract the day after it was listed – and a confidence that I found reassuring throughout the process. Susan’s experience and knowledge at London Terrace are unparalleled. There is no doubt that I work with Susan again.
Marc S.
Susan was our broker for the sale of our co-op in New York. Our sale was a breeze thanks to Susan. When we sat down with her the first time, she came prepared with comps, and after viewing the apartment, she set the initial price that was just right. She was able to find buyers who truly loved our apartment, and we sold the apartment very quickly with no drama. Great communication and really accommodating. Having said that, what sets her truly apart from other brokers is her decades of experience imo (e.g. setting the right price, understanding the market and target audience). Highly recommended.
Y Nam
Susan didn’t just find me an apartment, she found me my home. Buying and selling in this city can be frustrating and, let’s face it, plain awful. But Susan was always there with her sage advice, reassuring words, and to tell me to “breathe.” Her support was needed and much appreciated. And in the end, I didn’t just find a home, I gained a friend.
Vicki Jacobson


Color Factory

Need some color inspo for your apartment? Or just a fun activity to do in NYC this August? Then check out the Color Factory! Article originally posted on by Shaye Weaver on 

A kaleidoscopic museum opening in August promises to let you live out your colorful childhood dreams.

The Color Factory, a pop-up interactive exhibit that recently created the “Manhattan Color Walk” installation on the Upper East Side, plans to debut 16 installations at a space in SoHo, which will have you bouncing from room to room, interacting with balloons, busting moves on a shiny dance floor and snacking on ice cream.

Several rooms will be dedicated to certain colors and offer a very Instagram-worthy experience. In addition to an ombre-balloon-filled room and a luminous dance floor and bar, the Color Factory will have a room completely filled with yellow balls you can “swim” in. Another installation will be revealed to you personally as your “secret color” room.

Baby Play Ground

The ball pit room. Photo Credit: Color Factory

The ice cream will be provided by My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream at the custom “Mochi Bar.”

After your visit is done, you’ll receive a neighborhood map of downtown Manhattan that will lead you to more than 20 colorful experiences, including a secret balloon cart.

The museum, which has the goal of waking people up to the colors they’re surrounded by in their everyday lives, was created with help from artists like Christine Wong Yap, a Queens resident, Lakwena Maciver, a globally-recognized street artist, among others, according to organizers.

“We are so fortunate to work with such a talented group of artists and designers to bring Color Factory to a creative, diverse and vibrant city like New York,” said Jordan Ferney, the museum’s founder. “We hope the palettes and experiences offered inside . . . will challenge perceptions, awaken senses, invite joy and remind visitors to revel in the colorful moments of everyday life.”

The folks behind the museum recently unveiled the “Manhattan Color Walk” at the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum, which is a colorful striped walkway that represents an object its staffers found while walking 265 blocks in New York City from West 220th Street down to Battery Park. Colors were sampled from things like the soft lavender from a bodega’s flower selection on West 72nd Street, brick red from a Harlem mural on West 126th Street, sunny yellow from overripe melons on 172nd Street, the electric blue from a wig at a shop on 30th Street and more.

Last year, the Color Factory opened the same museum in San Francisco, which attracted more than 170,000 visitors over the course of nine months — it was originally intended to be a one-month event, according to its announcement.

The New York City Color Factory officially opens on Aug. 20 for a limited run, open Thursdays through Tuesdays, 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. at 251 Spring St. Tickets are $38.


Each room is devoted to a different color and experience, like this room for dancing. [EMBED][/EMBED] Photo Credit: Color Factory

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