While virtual staging is a great way to present the home of a client who doesn’t want to change their furniture it often creates disappointment when a potential buyer visits the apartment. So, whenever possible, I stage my listings. Over the years I’ve collected furniture and accessories which I keep in storage. Whenever possible, my trusty, red Honda HR-V has served as my moving van and it’s astonishing how much it holds. At one listing the doorman was a magician, finding nooks and crannies for pillows, benches, tables, vases, art, kitchenware…saving us a return trip. I must admit that a lot of my success relies upon the kindness of strangers…and a healthy tip.
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When possible, I rent furniture, rugs and anything else to update the look of the home. It’s a delicate dance with the client as everyone believes that their furnishings are wonderful, and often they are. But sometimes their taste is too specific and we risk alienating a potential buyer who doesn’t relate to that look. Another delicate part of staging is asking the client to de-clutter. Of course, most folks love what they surround themselves with, often because memories are held in these pieces. Unfortunately, not everyone is gifted with an ability to see past the stuff in order to appreciate the “bones” of a home. This works two ways, however. In a studio apartment, for instance, I may add a large dining table and chairs to show that there’s enough space to entertain.
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Even if the buyer doesn’t serve big meals for guests it shows them a large space that they can use for something else. If I put a diminutive table with two chairs the effect is that the apartment isn’t large enough for dinner parties.
Decluttering and setting the stage is just as important in the bathroom. It must convey a sense of space, enough room for your “stuff” and what I call “a vanilla” sense of color. If the walls, countertops, or floors are busy it’s best to have the towels be plush but disappear into the walls. The same is true in the kitchen. We store as many appliances as possible, leaving only those which are used on a daily basis. I try to invoke a sense of living in this room as much as I do throughout the home. The buyer should be able to imagine him or herself living there. It’s all in the details. IF you’re thinking about selling, call me and we’ll reimagine your home in a way that makes you comfortable and gives our visitors a feeling of being right at home.

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