Focused on serving ice cream with basic, all-natural ingredients, Van Leeuwan Ice Cream mixes classic decadence with unique flavors to create a memorable dessert. The ice cream itself was so simple (they use just fresh milk, cream, cane sugar, and egg yolks) , so all of the key ingredients could really stand out. I was drawn to the Honeycomb and Fresh Mint and Rhubarb flavors. This really is a place focused on taste and ice cream done right (rather than just pretty). Their location, 152 W 10th street, is about a 30 minute (leisurely!) walk from Penn Station, so I’d highly recommend picking a clear day and heading over (it’s a hop-skip from either the W 4th Street station or W. 14th St 1,2, 3 trains). 

Also, there’s another shop at 48 E. 7th St for the east-siders!

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