In New York, space is at a premium—especially in your closet. When it comes to New York City apartments one does not commonly think of excess closet space. With most apartments being closet sized themselves (unless of course you live in this gorgeous Upper West Side apartment) we as New Yorkers just have to accept small closets and give up any idea of extra space or belongings. 470 West 24th Street 5a, Chelsea, NYC, 10011, $4,195, Property For Rent, ID# 18778303, Halstead

What if you do not want to give up your fashionable clothes though? Well then you’ll want to look into moving to a great apartment that already has amazing closet space. Such as this sun-drenched Chelsea apartment that has THREE huge walk-in closets in which to store all varieties of footwear and fashion. Obviously a necessity when it comes to living large on one of Chelsea’s hippest blocks.

Yet if that is not an option I’ve compiled some of the best resources and tips for making your current closet work the best for you. Until of course you finally decide to move to West 24th Street.

Avoiding Mistakes:

To start Drea Montali laid out some of her top organizational tips that people need to avoid. As a professional organizer, closet stylist, and space planner Montali has seen it all. Inspired by a minimalistic approach and a “less is more” philosophy, Drea’s goal is to help others love what they have and feel like they are in their own personal boutique everyday. She states that,

  • People often confuse organizing with cleaning. Organizing is about creating a system that makes your life easier, saves you time and is meant to last long term. You are not just cleaning up a mess you made during a busy work week.
  • Not making the best use of your space. During most organizing consultations, I notice a lot of open wall space not being utilized. Organizer Tip: check out the back of your closet door. I like to add belt hooks there because it usually frees up a drawer somewhere!

Maximize The Space You Have:

One great idea is to think about investing in a custom closet system for yourself. It is a great way to maximize space and with less stress in your life you can finally breathe a little easier every morning. It’s also a great investment because custom closets are considered a capital improvement so they add value to your property. A valuable feature as seen in this London Terrace Towers apartment which has custom shelving in the bedroom and a California Custom Closet in the foyer. Characteristics that will continue to add value to the property down the road.

Other ideas in addition to investing in a custom closet include:

  • Slim Hangers: They take up little space so you can fit more clothes. Hangers that are  uniform takes your closet to the next level as well.
  • Shelf/Drawer dividers are also great for compartmentalizing.
  • Labels are great for off season clothes. That way you know where everything is and if you are packing for a last minute beach getaway you don’t have to pull apart five boxes to find your swimsuits.

Be Smart About Storage:


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Storage products can be a bit of a trap: they all seem useful in the store, but at home they often end up making a closet feel even more cluttered. However, if you choose shelves, boxes and hooks carefully, based on your specific closet needs, they can also be extremely helpful for sorting out your wardrobe. Before buying anything, take note of where your particular closet problems occur. For example, if you own a lot of scarves or belts, the right type of rack can keep them in place. Try a small revolving rack that hangs in your closet beside your clothes. These racks hold multiple belts or ties and because they spin around, you’ll never have to remove the rack to sort through your accessories. With unusually shaped items, like hats, you might have to get creative.

Baseball caps can be strung on a cap rack that hangs over a closet door, but you might prefer to get broad-brimmed hats out of the closet altogether and keep them in pretty hat boxes or display them on wall pegs in your bedroom.

Also be realistic about what you don’t need. If you mostly wear heels, a shoe bag that only holds flats will go unused. And some of the best closet storage solutions won’t be found in the closet section; one easy and efficient way to store handbags is to slip shower curtain hooks over your closet rod and hang bags up by their straps.


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