The Newest Brochure Has Gone Live!

Elevated indeed! In the nearly 90 years since developer Henry Mandel began the creation and development of London Terrace, so many neighborhood structures have come and gone. Each time I look north to Hudson Yards, I’m reminded of the vision and intention of this city within a city that Mandel had 80 years prior. The luxuries, entertainment and the levels of expectation shift so quickly over time, yet our neighborhood remains a forerunner of lifestyle and culture.

The cover shot depicts the Ninth Avenue El, the first elevated train line in New York. The El was constructed to bring stock brokers and shoppers downtown and joined the Sixth Avenue line and Ladies Mile. It ran along 9th Avenue at the 3rd floor level of the Towers, a hairsbreadth from our living room windows, until 1958 when the structures were demolished.

Of course, the elevated train structure to the west of LTT has enjoyed a longer and more fruitful life as the Highline and became the anchor of new development…initially that of the artistic community to the west and now for real estate development. Commerce continues to thrive within the Starrett-Lehigh and other loft buildings and along 10th and 11th Avenues.

Joyfully, the community of London Terrace has also grown and changed with the times and continues to be the home of some of the world’s most creative and entrepreneurial spirits, just as its founder. Within these pages you’ll find some of the old & new London Terrace as well as the voices of your neighbors.

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