405 West 23rd Street, Chelsea, NYC, 10011, $4,600,000, Property For Sale, Halstead Real Estate, Photo 1

Chelsea is the neighborhood to be living in for New York City. Surrounded by many great restaurants, famous sights, including the High Line, Chelsea Market, and now Hudson Yards, it is bursting with places to see and activities to do. With more than 200 art galleries, the neighborhood is known as a center for art in the city.

With this area being the center for art, I am so excited about one of our newest listings which allows you to live your life surrounded by art in more ways than one. The London Terrace Towers Penthouse has 360 degree views offering unobstructed views of every iconic structure from the Statue of Liberty and Freedom Tower to the Empire State Building, you’ll see both the Hudson and East Rivers with one turn of the head.

405 West 23rd Street, Chelsea, NYC, 10011, $4,600,000, Property For Sale, Halstead Real Estate, Photo 3

Yet even with all of this outside the Penthouse, the inside is just as amazing! Artwork by Rory Gevis and Dianne Athey is displayed throughout the apartment. Both artists live in London Terrace, as they are just some of the talented very artists living here. Obviously the building proximity to the galleries and studio spaces serves as a magnet for many artists as we mentioned previously. Plus this Penthouse does an amazing job of being its own version of an art gallery with all of this local and important art since they all go hand-in-hand so perfectly!

Displayed in the bedroom above is artwork by Gevis. With an amazing background, Gevis’ editorial talents have spanned being Style Director of House and Garden, W Magazine, Mirabella, and Taxi Magazine. Her corporate background include Estee Lauder as Vice President of creative concepts for Prescriptives. She has worked at MAC cosmetics as creative executive director working on concepts for print, packaging and product development. Thus she is always creating visuals that were award winning and memorable. For no matter what she has always been an artist who enjoys telling amazing stories through her art.

Gevis has been commissioned to create art that has been featured in Barneys NY Madison Avenue windows and she is continually commissioned to paint and photograph people, and pets. Inspiration comes from everything she visually encounters on a daily basis. Her clients are from the storied worlds of fashion, publishing and entertainment, and reside everywhere from Singapore to Hollywood to Chelsea London and Manhattan. An obviously multi-talented and great person to live near, we always cherish conversations with her.

In her own words she, “loves to tell a story of what is beneath the surface, touch the viewers and the subject’s soul but leave them still wondering a bit.”

Displaying IMG_1165.jpgNext we have Dianne Athey with her group of artwork, entitled “Sea Glass”. These sets of paintings beautifully compliment the lighting and blue sky views that you receive with the large windows through out the Penthouse, but especially in the living room!

This especially sets ups the grandeur of the Penthouse as when you are entering the foyer your first view is of the grand scaled living room living wrapped in the 8′ windows, accenting the 12′ ceilings and full-length terrace. Taking in the views, along with the complimentary artwork, may inspire you to explore the area more.

With the opening of Hudson Yards nearby this center of art for New York City is growing. The Vessel is an incredible piece of interactive art and The Shed is a performing arts theater which is an architectural phenomenon. This all plays so well with the High Line. The verdant, elevated promenade offers great views of the neighborhood—a mix of industrial landmarks and gleaming new structures—and passes through the old loading dock of the former Nabisco factory, which now houses the eateries and shops of Chelsea Market. During the warmer months, the High Line hosts awesome (and free) events such as live music and dance performances. So there is no shortage of things to do!

405 West 23rd Street, Chelsea, NYC, 10011, $4,600,000, Property For Sale, Halstead Real Estate, Photo 9Aside from all the experimental Chelsea art galleries, food-obsessed folks can enjoy scrumptious meals from restaurants serving rare bites like mac-and-cheese spring rolls. The neighborhood’s nightlife scene is also ace, offering great speakeasy bars as well as dives. Plus, lovers of flea markets can peruse antiques and bric-a-brac at outdoor and indoor markets such as Artist & Fleas.


Dianne Athey’s artwork visible in the beautiful living room.


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