Expanding our Horizons

It’s always so inviting to walk into a spacious, yet comfortable atmosphere. However, it can sometimes feel difficult and time-consuming to try and add room to your home. New York City apartments don’t have to feel cramped or clustered-with the right layout, you can create a great deal of space. Changing up your home doesn’t have to be a daunting task: the following tips are cheap, effective and require minimal effort. Let’s use this example of a 1-Bedroom apartment from London Terrace and see how we can make it look even bigger:

The Living Area:

The corner: A great way to create more space in the living area is to place chairs in the corner of the room as a sort of nook rather than in the center. This creates both a warm environment (a way to add the rapidly-trending  Danish concept of “hygge” to the room) , as well as more floor room for guests (or energetic pets!) to move around the space.


Storage: Making use of furniture like bookshelves, benches and drawers will help to open up the room as well as keep it tidy. Have fun with it! Find different ways to stack your books and objects. Or, take some time to color coordinate for a beautiful display.

The Kitchen & Bathroom:

Cabinets & Colors: Opt for a kitchen with lots of cabinet space, as storage here is key. Even the biggest kitchen can look smaller if it’s covered in clutter. Therefore, it’s important to optimize cabinet space. Using brighter colors like white and cream can also help to establish a brighter, therefore more roomy atmosphere. In the bathroom, woven baskets are cheap and simple storage solutions that coordinate with almost any room. Like in the kitchen, the bathroom does well with a bright and monochromatic color scheme.

The Bedroom:

All About Frames: A large mirror in a smaller bedroom will obviously create a reflection, which in turn can provide the illusion of more depth and space.

Additionally, a large headboard and art piece on the back wall can make the back wall look larger and expansive. It’s also a nice way to keep the room color-coordinated and add some personality!

There are of course exceptions to these tips, but you can use these ideas as general guidelines whether you’re on the hunt for a new apartment or just want more room where you are right now. You can always make room!


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