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Replace Phone Booths with 7,500 Connected Kiosks

If you live in a big city, you’ve probably experienced the frustration of rushing to the subway only to realize—eventually—that it’s delayed and you would have been better off walking…

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Melissa Shoes Debuts Boutique in NYC

Brazilian footwear brand Melissa has re-established its place in New York’s Soho district with an experiential store concept that is part boutique, part art gallery — and all kinds of…

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Changing Landscape

While sad to see the Ricky’s on W. 23rd St close I’m excited to see what’s coming soon!

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The Best Workspaces

It’s not always easy to stay productive, especially when you’re feeling overwhelmed. But having an organized and aesthetically pleasing desk space is a great way to de-clutter your mind and…

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Page Turner

Many would argue that Julia Child is one of the most loveable chefs in our recent history. And for good reason: her memoir My Life in France demonstrates her passion…

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Focused on serving ice cream with basic, all-natural ingredients, Van Leeuwan Ice Cream mixes classic decadence with unique flavors to create a memorable dessert. The ice cream itself was so…

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Behind the Exhibit

  View the gallery here The iconic window displays at luxury department store Bergdorf Goodman have been a staple of New York City shopping culture for decades. The displays have featured…

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History of Street Vending in NYC

To fully experience New York City, you have to eat. And then eat some more. So inextricably linked with its food, the city’s social and cultural history requires an exploration…


Penn South Community Garden

 Many of us have walked by this private garden, but have not been admitted. It’s run by a very exclusive group of residents of Penn south…104 to be exact. The…



Gracie’s dad Rod looked at Boxer Rescue over one year, saw her photo. She’d been a stray on the street and had no history. He drove to her foster home…